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This Schedule of Fees forms part of our standard terms and conditions of business and should be read in conjunction with those.

Fees payable in advance
Collection fees

Collection is free within a 5 mile radius of OX26 3WB, beyond that a charge of £0.20 per mile will be charged.

In Situ Listing fee

For kitchens, bathrooms, and other in situ auctions where we send a photographer to the premises to prepare the listing there is a charge of £25 per visit within a 5 mile radius of OX26 3WB, and a £50 charge plus £0.20 per mile within Oxfordshire. Please request quote for areas beyond Oxfordshire.

Reserve fees
£10 per unmet reserve. To secure your reserve this must be paid upfront. We may at our discretion accept a reserve instruction and deduct the fee from your proceeds.

Standard fees deduct

Your sales price for an item is the Net Sales Value. This is the portion of the Hammer Price left after the agreed commission has been deducted.
We deduct the following fees prior to payment:

Commission on private sale – 40% of Net Sales Value of each item up to £500 plus 20% of the value above that, with a minimum of £10 per item.

Commission on Commercial sale – 40% of Net Sales Value of each item

Additional fees that may occasionally apply
Occasionally there may be other fees which will be incurred where your instructions cause additional costs or where the items you consign have undeclared faults.
Withdrawal fees
£25 per lot withdrawn from consignment during the sales process where we have not already committed to a buyer

Fault not declared
Lot withdrawal fee plus associated costs (including outwards and return shipping charges if applicable)

Minimum Net sales amount
We will assess items prior to sale and may deem them unsaleable them if we believe they will not achieve a Net Sale Value of £30. Our minimum commission per item is £10. Sale prices are out of our control and we cannot do any more than estimate based on previous sales. In particular, we do not guarantee that any item will sell for more than this amount.

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